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About Mauricio Miranda

Born and raised on a small farm in Guerrero, in Southern Mexico, Mauricio Miranda knows a thing or two about natural food, the culinary process and hard work. Growing up he helped his grandmother grow his family’s produce, raise chickens and goats—and even craft their own chocolate. Everything was organic and from the heart—and food and family were inextricably tied.

Fast forward through an impressive resume of NYC experience and you’ll find this same dedication and culinary philosophy brought forth through Mauricio’s hospitable style. Mauricio worked in the dining rooms of the Theater District’s Thalia and Luxia, and then on to a long stint at Verbena, where he met Sasha. In 2002, Mauricio joined the opening team of New York Times 3-star rated L’Impero—under leaders Chef Scott Conant and Managing Partner Chris Cannon. He considers the experience he gained while working as a Captain at L'Impero invaluable. Fueled by their love for the industry, Mauricio and Sasha began to seriously discuss the possibility of opening their own restaurant and once they found the current space, Mauricio oversaw the construction by day and worked at Spigolo on Manhattan’s Upper East Side by night.

Through his experiences, Mauricio has cultivated a rich knowledge of back of house organization and front of house character. Today, he brings his natural sense for hospitality and his passion for great wine to each guest that walks through his door, while enjoying every minute of it!

Miranda Restaurant  80 Berry Street, Brooklyn, NY 11249  718-387-0711